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African American Parents for Purposeful Leadership in Education, Student who has achieved educational excellence and shown determination scholarship.



A.P.P.L.E. awards $500 to the best essay that answers the question:

What is your vision for Oak Park and River Forest High School?

Submissions open on January 1 and are due March 31st. by midnight

Submissions are required to have the following:

  1. Essay (at least 500 words)

  2. Unofficial Transcripts

  3. Acceptance Letter from 4yr/2yr/or trade school

  4. Personal phone and email

Submissions are due March 31st. by midnight and should be emailed to


If there are any issues sending or confirming receipt of submission contact Melanie McQueen at 708.420.3923

A.P.P.L.E. S.E.E.D. Scholarship Award recognition is the first Tuesday in May at 7pm. via Zoom until further notice. Students must be present to receive the award. Any part of the rules not followed after the scholarship winner has been announced can cause the scholarship to be forfeited.

Winning Tips:

Be authentic

Be original

Be You and tell your story!


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a 501c3 Non-profit Organization

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